Romania Shape on the Map and Flag

Famous places to be visit

For those who don’t know, I am born in a small country called Romania situated in East Europe.

Despite the fact that Romania is 42 times smaller than Canada :)!!!!!, there are astonishing places in my country that may take your breath away.

I will try now to do a virtual travel with you through the tenth best places in Romania:

  1. Sighisoara, Mures County 

It is a very old (Middle Ages) city, a medieval fortress very well conserved, full of towers and is also called “pearl of Transylvania”

You must visit the Clock Tower, the Hall of Arms and Torture Chamber

Sighisoara Medieval City

Sighisoara Medieval City

  1. Sibiu

It’s called in german Hermannstadt -The Heart City because it is situated in the center of Romania…like a heart in my country’s chest. In Sibiu you must visit the Bridge of Lies which is known to be one of the oldest iron bridges ever built in Romania, and the second ever built in Europe. 

Sibiu -Bridge of Lies

Sibiu -Bridge of Lies

Since you are in the area, you must not miss a visit to Mud Castle of Fairy Valley near Sibiu. You will feel like in a fairy tale, trust me!

  1. Brasov 

Brasov is a very well known city for tourism – many people visit it throughout the year. It is located in the Carpathian mountains and is known for its churches, the town square, and its medieval natured walls. For example, when you go to Brasov, you would go with the gondola (which I have done many times before) and visit the great cafes in the well known Council Square (Piata Sfatului). Did you know that Brasov is also the home of the famous Bran Castle?? (you may also know it as Dracula’s Castle!!).


Brasov-Piata Sfatului

Brasov Bran Castel

Dracula’s Castel -Bran


  1. Deva

Deva, is another city located in the Transylvania region, much like Brasov is. Deva is well known for its great castles and for being on the Mures River. An interesting fact is that Deva had Jewish occupancy in the 1830s. When Romania entered WWII, Deva was a safe place for Jewish refugees to stay. Way to go, Deva!! The best place to visit is the Great Fortress of Deva which is located on top of a volcanic hill. 

Deva City

Deva City view