Science blog reflection-Transparent, Translucent, and Opaque properties of materials

Science blog reflection 

Transparent, Translucent, and Opaque properties of materials

When we think about light we first think to categorized it into: natural light or artificial light. Then we think how using the light improves our everyday life.

Since the discovery of fire, humans have tried to find ways to use the light through different methods and materials to “catch” the light, to close it or use it as they need. 

  1. One of our lesson of Science was about understanding how different types of  substance and materials act in the presence of natural or artificial light. In everyday life, we are faced with a multitude of materials. Some of them are natural, while others are man-made. All these materials react differently to light and all of them are studied or used differently based on their properties to improve or sustain life.
  2. With my mom’s help I made a practical application to see myself how different materials and substances “behave” in light presence.  We use a lantern and many materials (black paper, whiter paper, plastic “encolour” protection foil, colored foil, aluminum foil, mirror, etc.). We also use natural “materials” as water, my hand, leaves, etc.)

We find out that “transparent and/or in color” materials make light shine through them. For example: the window glass, the white paper, the water, the plastic in color foil.

We observe that through light (bright) colored materials, the light passes through and even we can see through them. The examples are: painted glass or foil, tea, colored plastic foil, clouds. Through all translucent materials, the light is refracted

When we tried to use: dark colored paper, waxed paper, mirror, aluminum foil, my hand or leaves I observed that the light is blocked or /and reflected and also the cast shadows. All these materials are opaque, meaning they absorb or reflect the light.     

I like our science classes because since we started I learned why different things I notice everyday happened and I become eager to do experiences myself. I secretly wish to have my own experiment laboratory on the last floor of our residence. 

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