Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing

So far, we have read Chapter 1-4 in Tales of a fourth grade nothing. In the beginning, Chapter 1 starts with 4th grader Peter Warren Hatcher attending JimmyFargo, one of his classmates birthday parties. Peter will be the “big winner” at the party, his prix being a turtle who will name it Dribble. Peter’s mom was  not that happy about it.

Then in Chapter 2…..

All the family was getting ready for receiving guests: Mrs.and Mr. Juicy O and Peter were complaining about sleeping with Fudge.Fudge was playing with his father’s socks and Fudge ate 2 flowers,determining Peter to do the same. The visit of Mrs.and Mr. Yarby a.k.a Mrs. and Mr. Juicy O ends up not so well, both of them being very snobbish and not so amused regarding Fudge child silliness or impressed by Peter sincerity, calling them both not well educated  and missing “old-fashioned manners”.

And in Chapter 3…

Family was hit by losing the contract with Juicy-O but the father took out the guild from there shoulders by saying he “glad to be rid of Mr.Yarby”.Fudge was experimenting involving his family’s patience by refusing to eat for no reason. Problem was solved by the father, using the motto:”Eat it or wear it!”.

Finally in Chapter 4…

We are introduced to another character, a girl from Peter and Jimmy’s class, called Sheila. Peter finds her very annoying and he never loses the chance to contradict her. Sheila either! A bad accident happened in the park to Fudge under Peter, Sheila and Jimmy poor surveillance. Even though it was an unfortunate accident, all three of them felt kind of guilty, but not enough not to put the blame one to each other. After a total loss of two front teeths, Peter and his mom are pretty sure that Fudge will never try to be a flying bird again.


Peter  Warren Hatcher-is a 4th Grade student, the main character

  • Fudge- the  two and half year old brother, curios and funny toddler, he always exploring something new
  • Mrs.and Mr. Hatchet- the loving parents of Peter and Fudge, they are caring and dedicated parents. Mrs Hatchet is overreacting, sometimes being too worried for her youngest son.
  • Jimmy Fargo- a classmate and neighbour of Peter, he is a good playing partner to Peter.Also,he is very good at imitating languages, a great skill when it’s come to play spies games.
  • Sheila- another classmate and building neighbour of Peter. She is a smart girl, probably looking to be friends with Peter, but doing it all wrong when she annoys Peter calling after him “you have  cooties…”.
  • Dribble-a turtle who loves his terrarium rock. Peter is very fond about his first pet, won it at Jimmy Fargo birthday party.
  • Mrs.and Mr.Yarby- a very selfish and snobbish couple, who did not have kids, but they did not request advice on how to educate kids. 
  • Harry- the elevator man, friendly and a good person.


My opinion of the book so far is that it is very detailed because it describes very vividly the experiences of Peter in contact with adults and children and made me feel as if I was there. I believe that the story will continue until Peter reaches 5th grade. I would give it 5 stars because it is very interesting to learn about different characters. I would recommend it because I enjoy it a lot. I think the book is best suited to the 9 to 10 age group because the main character is a 4th grader. (think about the words used and types of characters.)